Sunday, July 13, 2008

icfp contest update

Well, I got threads and tcp and everything all figured out, and my simple "spike" solution works the way I intended it: the rover makes a beeline for home base, ignoring craters, martians, and boulders, and usually dying or crashing.

However I can't get it to run in Mono on the LiveCD environment for the contest. I've been using Visual Studio on a virtual machine on my mac. Visual Studio runs a little slow, but the program runs fine. But when I try to run it in mono, I get a big wodge of error messages, none of them pertaining to my code. I used some new features of F#, so it may be that it exercises some corners of mono that haven't been tested yet.

I think at this point I'm going to give up on submitting a solution and just post interesting bits of my code here after the contest ends. I still want to think some about a quick and dirty way of avoiding craters, but I probably won't spend much more time on it: it's nice out today!

I feel like I've gotten what I wanted to out of this: building something significant in F#. I have 238 lines of code, and I used F#'s Erlang-style mailboxes, asynchronous workflow, discriminated unions, class definitions, and I overcame the headaches of separating things into multiple modules while making sure all references went backwards. I got threading and networking in a pretty clean way I think. The ugliest part of the code is actually probably the navigation code, that looks at where the rover is and how fast it's going, and decides how to head for home base.

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