Thursday, April 22, 2004

Apocalypse 12 is out.

In case you live in a cave, the Apocalypses are Larry Wall's occasional manifestos (manifesti?) about how some aspect of Perl 6 will work. I read them with great interest because I like how Wall thinks, and I'm an avid user of Perl, and Perl 6 has some great ideas in it. I like hyperoperators and the new regular expression syntax. That being said, I'm getting kind of worried that Perl 6 is going to be too crufty. Look at what you can do with subroutine signatures. It seems unnecessarily complex and cryptic.

Of course I thought that back when I was learning Old Perl, but now I know it well and can use pretty efficiently, so I'll withhold judgment on Perl 6 until I get a chance to use it.

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